Mobile SDK

Version 2.7.1

Published on 2023-09-27
  • We have introduced a new document type called MRZ. This document type allows you to scan documents with MRZ type TD1 or TD3. Additionally, you can enable the reading module, and if the issuer is supported, the SDK will guide the user to the reading/NFC step. Please note that no additional features are available for the MRZ document type
  • Added full support for Qatari ID scanning

Version 2.7.0

Published on 2023-08-18
  • In this latest release, we've revamped the facial recognition step. We've eliminated the nodding step, transforming facial recognition into a straightforward process easy as capturing a selfie. Under the hood, numerous enhancements have been implemented to ensure speed, simplicity, and enhanced accuracy. There are no changes in terms of business logic for your integration process
  • Within the iOS native SDK, we have marked several properties under UQEnrollmentBuilder and UQLookupBuilder associated with facial recognition as deprecated. In their place, we've introduced a dedicated entity called UQFacialRecognitionConfig. This entity serves to enable facial recognition and customize the corresponding settings. See the documentation for details
  • We have added a new configuration option for facial recognition that allows closed eyes during facial recognition. By default is disabled. See the documentation for details
  • Improved scanning for Bahrain ID
  • Added support for Lebanon ID and Driving License
  • Minor improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 2.6.0

Published on 2023-06-30
  • Added new feature "Lookup Flow". The "Lookp Flow" it's the same as the "Enrollment Flow" with the only difference that the first step is not the automatic scanning of a document through the camera phone but the user is asked to manually type in some information of the document that can be used to perform the lookup on the government database. Only one document at the time is supported. Other features like facial recognition and background check can be enabled in the same way as per the "Enrollment Flow". Please check the integration documentation for details
  • Improved document detection during scanning
  • Improved id photo quality detection during scanning
  • Minor improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 2.5.4

Published on 2023-05-22
  • Fixed bug that was introduced in version 2.5.3 related to the reading module (NFC) for GHA ID
  • Added driving license information for SAU ID reading module (NFC)
  • Added full support for SAU DL (driving license)

Version 2.5.3

Published on 2023-05-13
Note: If you are using NFC reading for GHA ID don't use this version as there is bug that was introduced in the last update
  • Significant improvements for the scanning part related to SAU_ID in order to support all the valid versions currently in use and to support all the variations possible for the residency card
  • Added new document type SAU_ID_NATIONAL and SAU_ID_RESIDENT if you want to enforce only national ID for citizens or only national ID for residents
  • Added new reading module (NFC) for Saudi ID, the latest version of the national id for citizens
  • Significant improvements for the id photo quality detection during the scanning of the document
  • Added new document type IND_PAN for Indian PAN card
  • For iOS we made an important improvement for the NFC session management

Version 2.5.2

Published on 2023-04-14
  • Added new document type PHL_DL for Philippines driving license
  • Added new document type BHR_DL for Bahrain driving license
  • Added new document type QAT_DL for Qatar driving license
  • Added new document type RSL_ID for Republic of Somaliland National ID Card

Version 2.5.1

Published on 2023-03-17
  • Added new document type USA_DL for United States of America driving license

Version 2.5.0

Published on 2023-03-03
  • Added new document type COD_VOTER_ID for Democratic Republic of the Congo driving license
  • Added new document type OMN_DL for Oman driving license
  • Added new document type OMN_VL for Oman vehicle license
  • From this version on in the SDK result all the fields containing a date will have an additional field with the same name plus the suffix "Formatted" that will contain the same date formatted in ISO-8601 format, e.g. '2011-12-03'
  • For Android we did a small change to make sure your application can build and run on x86_64 architecture. This will allow you to test your application on x86_64 emulator but the SDK part, armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a remain the only supported architectures
  • For iOS we made sure that portrait mode is always enforced
  • For iOS fixed bug where an application applying the navigation bar appearance throughout the entire app using UINavigationBar.appearance() was affecting the SDK navigation bar layout
  • For iOS we made sure to close any open NFC session after tapping the skip button
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.4.0

Published on 2023-02-18
  • Added new document type GBR_ID for UK resident id
  • Added new document type COD_DL for Democratic Republic of the Congo driving license
  • Improved glare detection during document scanning
  • From this version on we will start using the Analytics feature of the SDK internally to push the events to our API. The feature will continue be available to your application as well, nothing has change in that regard. This will allow us in the future to provide to our customers accurate statistics of the on boarding flow. The data sent are totally anonymous and don't include any personal data.
  • Fixed issue in the reading module (NFC) for Bahrain ID that could potentially failing for some versions of the identity card
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • For Android we pushed the target SDK to version 33
  • For Android we upgraded a few dependencies including the camera library. The dependencies upgrade will require you to upgrade gradle to version 7.5