Onboarding requires a certain level of checks and verifications as well as additional information that needs to be provided by the user (as it is not available in Data Sources). This use case is applicable for onboarding for regulated services with average level of compliance requirements (such as telecommunications, procurement for medium and large enterprises etc.)

Applicable for onboarding companies of all sizes that are acquainted with requirements and complexity of onboarding for such services (be it seller or buyer side).

API Used:

Data Matching API - to validate that documents provided are meeting expectations

Company API - to get information on Basic, Contact, Business Activity, Ownership and Ownership Extended data groups as well as run screening on the company.

Screening API - to check if any of the individuals linked with the company have sanctions





Onboarding Start Page

On this page information about onboarding process is displayed to make it easier for user to prepare for the onboarding and have all the necessary information ready


General Information

User provides general information and documents on the company.

System runs a set of validations that allow to ensure data quality and consistency (such as Data Matching) as well as key risk assessment validations (such as the check if company is active)


Onboard Applicant

User that is doing the application is requested to onboard by providing a passport copy. (Alternatively full onboarding can be initiated using Hosted KYC service).

Once Applicant information is provided OTP is sent to the email or phone of the Applicant to validate provided contact details.


Check / Complete company information.

Once Applicant has confirmed email / phone number through OTP. System gets the data on the company for CONTACT and BUSINESS_ACTIVITY data groups.

Based on the data collected, the system executes a set of validations in order to determine the next steps in the flow (e.g. company age is less than 6 months, company industry is Crypto etc.)

If all rules are passed, then the system redirects the user to the page with Company details for his updates and confirmation.


Check / complete organizational information

Once the user confirms company information, the system calls the OWNERSHIP data group to collect information on the direct shareholders. In case not all of the direct shareholders with shares in the company more than 25% are natural persons, then the system calls for an OWNERSHIP_EXTENDED data group to collect information on the UBOs.

After the user is redirected to the organizational details page where the user can verify Managers, Shareholders and UBO information and provide additional details as per requirements.

Once information is updated and confirmed by the user, the system will call Fast Screening API to run sanctions/pep checks on the individuals and determine if there are any of them pop-up in the sanctions/pep lists.


Complete Questionnaire

User completes questionnaire as per the requirements with necessary declarations.

Once the Questionnaire is confirmed by the user, the system runs checks and validations on the collected data in order to determine if any additional information should be provided by the user.

If additional information is required the user is being redirected to the additional information page.


Provide additional information / documents.

User provides additional information / documents as per the requirements.

Once all the required information is provided, the system runs data matching for all required documents in order to validate that expected information is available in the documents.


Sign Application Submission.

User confirms application submission. System initiates signing flow.

User selects the signatory specified on the Organizational details page and accepts terms and conditions.

System sends an onboarding link to the email address specified for the selected signatory.

Signatory needs to do a full onboarding process with his real documents, face matching and liveness check.

If onboarding is successful (process was completed successfully, document onboarding was successful, face matched, liveness confirmed) and data received from onboarding process matched to the data provided on the organizational details


E-sign through OTP.

User enters the received OTP on the portal.

If OTP is correct, the system automatically sends onboarding links to the Managers, Shareholders and UBOs as per the requirements.

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