Lookup Flow

Note: This feature requires an additional permission and must be explicitly requested

The "Lookup Flow" it's the same as the "Enrollment Flow" with the only difference that the first step is not the automatic scanning of a document through the camera phone but the user is asked to manually type in some information of the document that can be used to perform the lookup on the government database. Only one document at the time is supported. Other features like facial recognition and background check can be enabled in the same way as per the "Enrollment Flow". Note that not all the documents are supported.

In order to use our SDK you need an authorization token. Please check our API "Authorisation" in this regard.

Add the following code at the start-up of your application to initialize the SDK:

import { 
} from 'uqudosdk-react-native';

//On App startup
    this.sdk = new UqudoIdSDK();

Use the below method for setting the locale of the application:

new UqudoIdSDK().setLocale(<your locale eg. en, ar etc.>);

To check if a document supports lookup and lookup + facial recognition you can use the below methods:

const isLookupSupported = await this.sdk.isLookupSupported(DocumentType.NGA_DL);
const isLookupFacialRecognitionSupported = await this.sdk.isLookupFacialRecognitionSupported(DocumentType.NGA_DL);

Below, you can find an example on how to initiate the lookup flow:

try {
    let lookupConfiguration = new LookupBuilder()
                	new FacialRecognitionConfigurationBuilder()
                	new BackgroundCheckConfigurationBuilder()
   const result = await this.sdk.lookup(lookupConfiguration);
} catch (error) {
   // {"code":"USER_CANCEL","message":"User canceled the Enrollment process","task":"LOOKUP"}

In order to evaluate all the possible options please refer to section Lookup Flow. The JS interface is the porting of the Kotlin implementation. You can find the JS implementation in uqudoBuilder/uqudo.js under the uqudoid module path.

If successful, the response is a JSON Web Signature (JWS). Please refer to section "SDK result" for further details.

In case of a failure, the callback returns the following object:

Add the following event to enable the tracing mechanism. Please refer to section Analytics for details.

(new NativeEventEmitter(NativeModules.UqudoId)).addListener('TraceEvent', (event) => {

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