<string name="uq_scan_help_page_title">Scan %1$s</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_upload_page_title">Upload %1$s</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_help_page_description">Fit %1$s to the frame</string>

    <string name="uq_scan_info_id">If there are glares or reflections scan in a different position. Ensure camera lens is clean.</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_scan_info">Please scan the %1$s page of your document</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_glare_detected">Glare detected, change lighting conditions</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_message">Fit %1$s side to the frame</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_done_message_single_side">Scanning Completed</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_message_single_side">Fit data page to frame</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_message_mrz">Fit the document side that contains the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) to the frame</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_review">Scan Review</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_text_visible">Ensure all data is clearly readable</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_face_visible">Ensure your face is clearly visible\nand no hologram is covering it</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_rescan">Rescan</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_continue">Continue</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_upload_select_file">Select File</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_upload_accepted_file_type">Accepted file type: PDF</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_upload_tip">For a two side document the first image in the PDF must be the front side and the second image the back side</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_upload_no_file_selected">No file selected</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_upload_max_file_size">Max file size allowed is 5MB</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_face_detection_issue">Make sure the ID photo in the document is clear</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_blur_image_detected">Blurry image detected. Ensure clean lens and good lighting. Stay still while scanning</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_dark_image_detected">Low light conditions detected, please ensure good lighting while scanning</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_wrong_document">Please provide the %1$s side of the %2$s</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_wrong_mrz">Please provide the document side that contains the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone)</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_document_move_closer">Please move the camera closer to the document</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_source_detection_failed">Please provide a physical document</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_id_photo_tampering_detected">An alteration of the ID photo has been detected. Tampering with the ID photo is strictly prohibited</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_intermediate_loading">Hold on</string>

    <!--  Error messages  -->
    <string name="uq_scan_event_alert_btn">Try Again</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_turn_text">Turn document over</string>

    <string name="uq_scan_error_failed">Scanning Failed</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_error_expired">Please make sure to use a valid document</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_error_age_verification">Document not accepted, minimum age required %1$d</string>
    <string name="uq_scan_error_document_identify"><![CDATA[<b>Ensure:\n1. </b> Good lighting conditions\n<b>2.</b> Camera lens is clean\n<b>3.</b> No reflections on document\n<b>4.</b> Remove any stickers on the document]]></string>
    <string name="uq_scan_error_upload_document_identify">Make sure that the PDF contains the requested document and it is clearly visible. For a two side document the front side must be the first picture, the back side the second picture</string>

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