Create a new secret

Secret is an authentication credential associated with your Uqudo account. You can use it in your SDK to authenticate your application against our platform. You can also use secrets to authenticate against our REST APIs if you want to use those directly.

In order to create new secret, navigate to the "Development/Credentials" section of the Uqudo Customer Portal at Then click "Add Secret" button at the right bottom of the screen.

Immediately after clicking "Add Secret" button you will see a window confirming that new secret has been created. You can now copy it to your clipboard or download it to a local file system in a text file. Keep in mind that you need to save your secret now - you can't read secret's value again after you close this prompt.

After saving your secret to a secure location, you can close a secret creation prompt. You will see your secret listed on your credentials page now. Keep in mind that it is marked as disabled. It is because you need to explicitly make it active before you can use it in your SDK.

In order to activate secret, click drop-down menu on the right side of the secret row and select "Activate" option.

Now your secret should be activated, just as on the screenshot below.

That's it! Your secret is ready to be used in your SDK or as authentication credentials for our REST API.

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