Face Session Flow

Note: This feature requires an additional permission and must be explicitly requested

Face Session can be performed to validate a user using facial recognition based on an existing id photo. In order to use this feature you have to upload the id photo through our "Face Session API". The API returns a temporary session id that is required to initialize the face session process. See the diagram sample below:

Face session interface definition:

try {
  const result = uqudoSdk.faceSession({
     	sessionId: string;
     	returnDataForIncompleteSession?: boolean;
     	maxAttempts?: number;
     	minimumMatchLevel?: number;
    	onSuccess?: (result) => {
	  // Result returned after a successful face session
	onError?: (error) => {
	  // Error returned from the face session process failure 
    	onFinally?: () => void;
     	assets?: IAssetsArg;
     	texts?: ITextsArg;
} catch (error) {

Below the configuration options for face session:

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