Plugin Installation

Run the following command inside your React Native project to install the latest version of the plugin:

npm install uqudosdk-react-native --save


Note: The module has been successfully tested on react native version 0.61.5. For versions above there seems to be an issue that you can check on this ticket We tested the workaround suggested in the following comment with version 0.64.2 and we were able to run the SDK successfully. But before making this change test your version before and only if you face the same issue then try to apply the suggested workaround.


Please follow the steps described in Xcode Environment Setup.

Note: The uqudo SDK requires OpenSSL framework but uqudosdk-react-native package doesn't include automatically this dependency because React-Native comes already with that framework included. But in release mode the framework seems not to be linked and therefore not included in the final build of the application causing a crash at the startup of the application. If that is your case you have to link and include the framework as per the screenshot below (click + and select OpenSSL.xcframework):

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