Data Matching API

Many businesses and organizations face issues with data quality and data consistency during data entry by the users in the onboarding processes. These issues cause significant operational overheads as well as frustration from the customers as it significantly extends onboarding timings with multiple back-and-force loops. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process, especially when dealing with paper documents or unstructured data. The /matching API aims to automate this process by allowing users to check if the data captured by the user exists in the document where it is expected to exist therefore ensuring that if there is an error (either the data is not captured correctly or wrong document is provided) user can be notified straight away and such an error can be fixed without additional time consuming actions on either side (e.g. customer or organization).

Our service will perform OCR of the document using Uqudo AI models will perform required validations.

You can find the full YAML swagger specification here

You can find the full JSON swagger specification here

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