Info API

You can find the full YAML swagger specification here

You can find the full JSON swagger specification here

Every API below requires an access token that you can retrieve using the Authorisation API

Info API

The following API allows you to get the final result of the SDK session.

Note: This endpoint itโ€™s only necessary when you use the QR code flow, see QR Code APP for details. The SDK returns the same result and makes it available directly to your application.

See SDK result for details about the JWS result

Info delete API

This endpoint allows you to delete the session data that has been cached without waiting for the automatic deletion. The session id is the value of the "jti" property of the JWS returned by the uqudo SDK.

Info image API

This endpoint allows you to download the image based on the resource id provided in the SDK result and returns directly the binary in the response

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