Simple onboarding of the company for services that are not regulated, with the main focus on data completeness and internal procedures.

Applicable for onboarding small and medium sized companies that usually operate within a limited territory.

API Used:

Data Matching API - to validate that documents provided are meeting expectations

Company API - to get information on Basic, Contact, Business Activity data groups as well as run screening on the company.






Onboarding Start Page

On this page information about onboarding process is displayed to make it easier for user to prepare for the onboarding and have all the necessary information ready


General Information

User provides general information and documents on the company.

System runs a set of validations that allow to ensure data quality and consistency as well as key risk assessment validations (such as the check if company is active)


Check and update Company information and Confirm submission

System displays information that it was able to collect. User can complete and enhance provided information and confirm it thus finishing the onboarding process.

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