No-code KYC

Utilise the uqudo SDK directly through the No-code KYC Service, eliminating the need for code integration and development.

Configure the No-code KYC on the Uqudo Customer Portal. You define the ID documents accepted and the required verifications. You also can define the pages presented to your customers.

It will provide you with a unique URL that represents the configuration. You can share the URL with your end-user by any channel such as WhatsApp or Email. Alternatively, you can add URL as link on your website

When your users open the URL, they will redirect to a page hosted by uqudo. You can configure the layout of the page (e.g. your company logo). In that way your users still know they are with you.

After onboarding the user is redirected see a thank you page or and can return to your website. The data is either push to your systems using a web hook or it can optionally be store on the Uqudo Customer Portal.

For technical detail please refer to the section No-code KYC.

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