Screening API

Many businesses and organizations face issues with managers, directors, shareholders and UBOs possibly being under sanctions. Therefore, it is required for them to perform sanctions screening on all the decision-makers and owners (shareholders and UBOs) in order to:

  1. Mitigate possible risks of fraudulent activities and secondary sanctions;

  2. Comply with government requirements and regulations. These issues cause significant financial, operational, legal and reputational risks as well as low customer satisfaction of the onboarding process due to significantly extended onboarding timings. This is also a time-consuming and error-prone process, especially when dealing with multiple parties.

This service aims to automate this process by allowing users to run fast screening on identified company directors, managers, shareholders and UBOs as part of KYB onboarding process. This process is not equal to the full screening process available after full individual onboarding. As it can operate with minimum data and provides a limited set of data sufficient to make a decision if full onboarding is required.

You can find the full YAML swagger specification here

You can find the full JSON swagger specification here

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