Version 3.4.2

Published on 2024-05-01

  • Introducing the new document type UAE_ID_DIGITAL aimed at clearly distinguishing between the digital and physical versions. If you want to accept the digital version, it is necessary to treat this as a separate document type in your configuration. It's important to note that starting from this version onwards, selecting the document type UAE_ID while the user provides the digital version will result in rejection. Likewise, selecting UAE_ID_DIGITAL while the user provides the physical version will yield the same outcome.

  • Added Screen, Print and ID photo tampering detection to match the existing capabilities of the mobile SDK. Introduced a new verification object result within the SDK, including all details pertinent to the verification process. This feature supports your business logic by easily identifying potential issues. Refer to the verification object for details.

Version 3.4.1

Published on 2024-04-10

  • Introducing a new configuration option for facial recognition, enabling 1:N face match verification. Once activated, following a successful facial recognition (confirming liveness and matching the face), the system initiates a search for the user's selfie within your tenant. If the selfie is not found, it is added, and the indexed facial features are stored in the database. The SDK result includes a unique ID in the face object, along with an indication of whether there was a match with a previously onboarded selfie. It's essential to store this unique ID in your system alongside the user's record, facilitating future searches for users with the same ID. Please be aware that this option requires a specific permission, otherwise, it will be disregarded. For further information or to explore this new feature, please reach out to your account manager.

Version 3.4.0

Published on 2024-03-23

  • Optimized the screen resolution ratio for facial recognition across both mobile and desktop browsers. This adjustment aims to decrease the occurrences of rejections due to liveness check failures.

  • Detect unexpected errors occurring when the user's camera encounters an unknown issue. In such cases, we now promptly terminate the session and return the error code MEDIA_UNKNOWN_ERROR.

Version 3.3.4

Published on 2023-12-15

  • Added an option to set the miniumum match level for facial recognition

Version 3.3.3

Published on 2023-12-06

  • Corrected an issue where, on specific devices, the default selection of the rear camera led to capturing blurry images when taking a photo

Version 3.3.2

Published on 2023-11-21

  • Added scan support for Iraqi ID

Version 3.3.1

Published on 2023-09-23

  • We have introduced a new document type called MRZ. This document type allows you to scan documents with MRZ type TD1 or TD3

  • Resolved a bug that was impacting the facial recognition results on devices with zoom levels exceeding 100%

Version 3.3.0

Published on 2023-08-18

  • In this latest release, we've revamped the facial recognition step. We've eliminated the nodding step, transforming facial recognition into a straightforward process easy as capturing a selfie. Under the hood, numerous enhancements have been implemented to ensure speed, simplicity, and enhanced accuracy. There are no changes in terms of business logic for your integration process. To accomplish the aforementioned outcome, we integrated AI capabilities directly into the Web SDK, resulting in a substantial increase in the SDK's size. To ensure the utmost efficiency with our latest SDK version, it's recommended to follow performance best practices. Enhance performance by reducing imports and incorporating techniques like lazy loading, code splitting, and memoization (specifically for React). To implement these strategies, consult the documentation of the framework you are utilizing.

  • Added support for Lebanon ID and Driving License

Version 3.2.3

Published on 2023-05-13

  • Added new document type IND_PAN for Indian PAN card

Version 3.2.2

Published on 2023-04-14

  • Added new document type PHL_DL for Philippines driving license

  • Added new document type BHR_DL for Bahrain driving license

  • Added new document type QAT_DL for Qatar driving license

  • Added new document type RSL_ID for Republic of Somaliland National ID Card

Version 3.2.1

Published on 2023-03-17

  • Added new document type USA_DL for United States of America driving license

Version 3.2.0

Published on 2023-03-03

  • Added new document type COD_VOTER_ID for Democratic Republic of the Congo driving license

  • Added new document type OMN_DL for Oman driving license

  • Added new document type OMN_VL for Oman vehicle license

  • Improved text definition for the upload and scan (taking picture) screen where now it is possible to define an array when for example you on-board two documents in the same session and you want to have a separate description for every document. The order is based on the order defined in the scan configuration for the enrollment flow.

  • From this version on in the SDK result all the fields containing a date will have an additional field with the same name plus the suffix "Formatted" that will contain the same date formatted in ISO-8601 format, e.g. '2011-12-03'

Version 3.1.5

Published on 2023-02-17

  • Added new document type GBR_ID for UK resident id

  • Added new document type COD_DL for Democratic Republic of the Congo driving license

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