Face Authentication

During Enrolment, a user's facial image (selfie) is captured and saved in your systems. This saved image can later be used for various purposes: authentication, transaction verification, or account resets.

  • Authentication: For logging in, users capture a fresh selfie, which is then compared with the saved facial image. If both images match, the user is granted access to your services.

  • Transaction Verification: When users initiate actions like bank transfers, they are prompted to take a selfie. Upon a match with the stored image, the transaction proceeds.

  • Account Resets: If users forget their password, they can opt to reset it by providing a selfie. A match with the saved face image allows them to set a new password.

The flow diagram below shows the participants of the use case and the data flow:

Below you can find the links for each of the three steps for all supported platforms:


For example code, please visit Uqudo's GitHub repository. We provide examples for both Swift and Objective-C.

React Native

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