The following API allows uploading the front and back image of an id document using a multipart form data request and returns the data extracted from the document.
JPEG, PNG and PDF are supported. Max file size allowed is 5MB for each file. Although we recommend uploading smaller files to avoid affecting performances. A picture size of ~500KB with a resolution of 1080x1920 can work perfectly fine. High resolution pictures don’t improve the quality of the result and are not needed. If you need to accept a bigger file you need to decrease the size at your end before calling this API.
Note: When a PDF file is used you have two choices for a two page document: you can send front and back in separate files or you can send a single PDF with both images. The system will assume that the first image is the front page of the document.
The API described in the document below requires an access token that you can retrieve using the Authorisation API
API - Documentation.pdf