QR Code App

The QR Code App provides an easy way to scan ID Documents with a phone while doing onboarding on a desktop. It enables users to scan their ID Document with the high-resolution phone camera and to read the chip inside ID Documents using NFC. You can either use the uqudo-branded app from the app store or update the app with your company's branding. Here's how the app works:

  1. Website on the desktop shows a QR Code

  2. The user scans the QR Code using the QR Code App on the phone

  3. The user scans and verifies an ID Document through the QR Code App on the phone

  4. QR Code App pushes ID Document data and images to the website

  5. The user continues registration on desktop

This feature can be used to initiate the enrolment process from a web page where an existing registration process could be required to onboard in a secure way the documents of the user.

The concept is very simple, a QR code is shown to the user during the registration process. The user uses an existing mobile application, or an application developed ad hoc that integrates the Uqudo SDK to scan the QR code. The scan of the QR code will trigger the onboarding process. Once the onboarding process is complete the user can follow up on the web page to complete the registration process.

Below you can see a high-level technical overview of what has been described in the chapter above:

From a technical point of view there are 4 main aspects of the process shown in the diagram above:

  1. Create a Session: Gets a session token from the customer backend.

  2. JavaScript Component: Integrate with the WebSocket server and render the QR code. The JS component listens to the onboarding process.

  3. Scan the QR Code: Scanning the QR Code triggers the onboarding process.

  4. Continue Registration: Follow up with the registration process.

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